OAC Update Week Ending 5/8/16

First off….HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!As we head into mid May we find few changes heading into 2nd week of May to the leader board!

So 16.2 Aim Small Miss Small is proving difficult to shoot. Especially on live feed. Personally I think Live feed is a game changer and it’s possibly as close to real live pressure on taking a deer as anything. 

2016 Leader Board is as follows:

1. Team BowTech 723 points 

2. Team Athens 710.5 points 

3. Team Mathews 364 points

4. Team Elite 305 points

5. Team APA 277 points

6. Team PSE 263 points

7. Team Hoyt 240 points

8. Team Obsession 179.5points

9. Team Bowtech#2 125 points

10. Team Bear 115 points

11. Team HCA 100 points 

12. Team Collective

 This week we anticipate a few ASMS challenge completions and possibly the announcement of a new bonus challenge. Finite details are being considered at this time!

Team Elite, Athens, and Bear all added a shooter to their roster and points are piling up for many teams for 3D tournaments!

Keep up the great work everyone, practice that ASMS shooting challenge and stay hungry! 

I’m very proud of all of you!

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