Part 1 – Broadheads Won’t Fly Eh? 

Year after year bowhunters are frustrated because they make the switch sometime late summer and they have to move their sights. And technically moving your sight is fine but it still doesn’t fix the reason you’re moving it to begin with.  If your bow is  tuned and form is on-point, the vast majority shouldn’t have any need to move anything. 

The age old arguement fixed blade vs mechanical is always a topic of disscussion amongst the droves of bowhunters across the land but mechanical seems to be the primary go to, especially for those who can’t get those pesky (not really) fixed / cut on contact broadheads to fly.

Regardless of broadhead,  nothing replaces shot execution and accuracy but when we are under stress and anxiety at full draw we want our bows shooting as efficient as possible. Our form irregularities are amplified by an un-tuned bow. 

Here are a handful of things to consider and look for prior to shooting those broadheads mid to late summer.

1. Are your marks  on at 20 yards and 2-3″ (+/-) left or right at 30,40, or whatever you max effective range is?

2. You got some tail whip going on? Back end of he arrow seem to be traveling as it leaves the bow?  

3. Markings changing on you? Seem like your chasing the arrow with you sight?  

4. Bow seems “ok” but you hear noises coming to full draw?

5. Site picture change when looking through your peep and arrows started crawling higher or lower?  

If you answered yes to any of these by all means message GHA on FB or email us at if you need help. We will teach you the right way to fix these issues or address them as necessary. Shooting form evaluation included in that session.  If we can simply help you figure it out on your own we will do that as well. 

Your local bow shop should be able to fix this as well and in some cases maybe you didn’t buy a bow locally and need help that way. Come to GHA we have worked on them all.

GHA brings the target archers narrative of accuracy to the hunter’s agenda. We do not settle for pie plate accuracy, we only settle for pin point accuracy. You just have to be willing to put in the work. 

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