2014-09-16 10.27.37Grass Hollow Archery has been founded as a result of the love and passion for the sport of archery that was passed down from father to son. Dick McDonough introduced many people to the sport on his few years on this earth.  At a very young age Frank was exposed to archery because his Dad ran an archery shop out of a small trailer when he was a kid. It’s amazing the things one can learn when you just , grow up around it.  As one of the only archery professionals in the area for many years he quickly became the go to resource for would be archers in the Southern Schuylkill County area.  Mac’s archery and Dick’s  willingness to set up new archers and teach them everything he knew about slinging arrows quickly spread amongst the community.

GHA Founder Frank McDonough shooting while his father Dick McDonough looks on during a practice session.

At GHA we are also focused on teaching new archers of any age the sport of archery and the foundational skill level to become a successful bowhunter. As we move forward with our endeavor we hope to establish an Junior Olympic Archery Development program and youth bowhunting mentor program.

Feel free to contact us today by clicking HERE and let us help you discover your archery talent today!


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