Archery Shop

GHA is a full functioning archery shop to handle all the avid hunter and compeitors needs. We specialize in full custom set ups and personalize the experince for the new or veteran archer.

We operate out of a small shop and do work by appointment only.

Set up your bow work by Calling/Text 570-281-2259.

Provide email for invoicing after equipment needs are confirmed.

Drop off equipment at your convenience.

What do we work on?

Any traditional bow, compound bow or crossbow.

Bowpress Fee: $25 new customer

Peep Install;$10

DLoop: $10 (includes 2 nock sets and rest tune)

Cam Timing: $25

Rest tune: $15

Serving: $10

Paper tune: $25

Where do we get our strings from?

GAS Bowstrings (3 weeks) and Recurve strings (2 weeks) from JD3 Archery.

Compound Set $125 (3) $135 (5)

Recurve $45

Crossbow $140

Do we build custom arrows?

Yes any kind of arrow and fletchings you want.

Black Eagle


Gold Tip

Many more

$1 per fletching

Do we have other products ?

Yes we do at our shop but we can order anything you want with no extra cost for special orders. You don’t even have to come to the shop, you can simply contact us and we can invoice you direct.

For example: You need new broad heads for up coming archery season? We invoice you asap, order your broad heads. Shipping varies 7-10 days sometimes more.





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