GHA Adult Shooting Staff


October 15, 2020 – October 14, 2021

Requirements – Grass Hollow Archery Shooting Staff members are vital to the GHA brand and image.  In order to have a STRONG, competitive TEAM, Staff Members need to follow these guidelines:

  • Must submit a completed letter of application and resume every year
  • Must be a current monthly paying GHA Archery member. Per practice session works.
  • Must purchase a team shooter shirt at discount
  • Must compete in a minimum of (4) shoots per year sanctioned by the NFAA, ASA or IBO, along with meeting the requirements for promotional staff. S3DA events that piggyback on one of the sanctioning body events will be only counted as one event. Some larger events that occur regionally are consider acceptable such as Lancaster Archery Classic.
  • Promote Grass Hollow Archery through social media weekly to fellow archers, dealers and manufacturers.
  • Must submit photographs to be used in advertising
  • Must check-in on Facebook when in attendance.
  • Must make at least 3 team practice per month. Shooting staff will only pay $3 per hour for range time if not monthly payer.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner not only to promote yourself and the GHA brand but also promote the sport of archery

Benefits –

  • Discounts on Equipment
  • Discounts on Range Time, Coaching, and Lessons

Contingency – In order to be eligible for contingency, shooters MUST meet ALL Contingency Requirements at all times

  • Must display GHA Archery logo on either a jersey or hat – available for purchase through GHA.
  • Must notify a GHA Shooting Staff coordinator you are present at the tournament and shooting for contingency
  • Must notify GHA by email within 10 days of tournament. Must include all of the following information:
  1. Name and Location of Shoot
  2. Place finished
  • Must include a photo of Archer, gear and GHA clothing along with the award given to be used by GHA as promotional material

Staff Coordinator Contact: Frank McDonough or message us on Facebook to inquire.


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