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GHA Range Targets

GHA Range Target

The GHA 48”X48” Range Target is officially available for order! These targets can play double duty as a 3D range back stop and then be placed on the 3D target stakes with absolute ease to act as a 365 water proof course option for those dedicated archers. Want a field course? Use this target as your back stop and flip it around with your field face or animal face. Waterproof ✔️

Repairable ✔️

Light weight at 25# ✔️

Rehealable surface for long lasting protection against the elements ✔️

Stopping power up to 60# ✔️Broadhead friendly ✔️

*Tested with 70# 610grain arrow with complete stopping power.

Minimum of 2 unit order with shipping – $299 per unit PA,NY,NJ,MD,DE (4 hr drive time +/-)

Bulk order as low as $260 per unit (PA,NY,NJ,MD,DE (4 herdrive time +/-)

Pick up per single unit – $250

Discounts available for schools and club programs such as Scholastic 3-D Archery, USA Archery, 4-H, National Archery in the Schools Program and Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts

Text / call 570-281-2259 for more info or email to place your order.

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