Training Center Services and Fees

All participants must sign this waiver –> GHA Waiver

Monthly Archery Membership: – unlimited open range and 1 hour per week of video hunt!

Family: $55 per month +$25 per adult +$10 per child

$45 per month – Seniors / Retired Military , Fire Fighters, EMS, Police (Includes 1 hour per week of video hunt)

$40 – Youth only (Includes 1 hour per week of video hunt)

$35 – Active Duty(Includes 1 hour per week of video hunt)

$500 – Individual Yearly – Unlimited (Includes 1 hour per week of video hunt)

$1000 – Lifetime (Unlimited Open Range and 1 hour per week of video hunt)

Open Range: (Must sign In – Used targets are free – new are for sale for one $1)

$7.00 – 1 hour

$5.00 – 30 minutes

Video Hunt: Whitetail, Turkey, Elk, Antelope, Safari

$10 – 30 minutes

$15 – hour

Coaching & Bow Services:

Monthly members get 5% off and free installation of any item purchased through GHA.

Bow technician pricing available at counter.

Private Archery Lessons:

Youth $50 per hour

2 kids – $90 per hour

Adults – $60 per hour

Archery Team:

$80 per month – $140 for two kids – two practice sessions minimum but shooters have access to the range 6 days per week – free basic bow technician work, free open range time any day we are open.

Coaching Hours

Monday 6-8

Wed 6-8,

Fri 6-8,

Sun 1-6pm (On the hour)

Open Range hours: (No Coaching)

M,W,F 5-6pm

Thursday 5-8pm

Saturday 12-8pm

Birthday Rentals:

$10 per child (archery shooting lesson only – max 12 kids)

$5 per child per rental (max 12 kids)

$20 per child (group archery lesson and nerf tag – kids must provide their own nerf gun/bullets)

Sports Rentals:

$40 per hour (team practices, batting cage, softball, baseball, soccer, ect)

Fill out sub-lease HERE

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