Archery Team

All participants must sign this waiver –> GHA Waiver

In collaboration with Orwigsburg Rod & Gun Club GHA runs the archery program at OGC. Our team is compromised of compound, Olympic recurve and Barebow archers. To date we have trained and developed over 20 national champions, 18 national record holders and 8 world record holders.

Any family can have their shooter try archery totally free first time. However our team makes a small donation to OGC per practice to use the facility. Equipment is available for rental.

Parents responsibilities:

Join OGC

Help with occasional maintenance of range. Cut grass. Weed whack.

Help setup/run tournaments.

Donate food/drink item for tournaments.

Team Organizations

Depending on the tournament format parents should expect to join one of if not all the following organizations.

Recreational Shooters – No archery organization memberships necessary.

*USA Archery (3D, Field, Indoor/Outdoor Target Archery)

S3DA (3D and Indoor/Outdoor Target)

NFAA (Field and Indoor/Outdoor Target Archery)

ASA (3D Archery)

IBO (3D Archery)

Are shop services and equipment purchases are still available through Grass Hollow Archery.

Call text 570-289-2259 with questions or email

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