Training Center Services and Fees

All participants must sign this waiver –> GHA Waiver

Archery Team:

$80 per month – $140 for two kids – two practice sessions minimum but shooters have access to the range 5 days per week – free basic bow technician work, free open range time any day we are open.

We recommend two sessions which equals only $10 per session. Our competition programming is available for competitive shooters to be able to continue to train even when they can’t make it to the range.

Our archery team has trained and developed multiple national champions, national and world record holding shooters.

Coaching Hours

Monday by appointment

Tuesday – Thursday 3-7pm (Fall Schedule changes 5-8pm)

Fri 12-8pm

Saturday by appointment (Pro Shop Hours 12-7)

Sunday by appointment

Monthly Archery Membership: – unlimited open range and 1 hour per week of video hunt!

Family: $55 per month +$25 per adult +$10 per child

$45 per month – Seniors / Retired Military , Fire Fighters, EMS, Police (Includes 1 hour per week of video hunt)

$40 – Youth only (Includes 1 hour per week of video hunt)

$35 – Active Duty(Includes 1 hour per week of video hunt)

$600 – Individual Yearly – Unlimited (Includes 1 hour per week of video hunt)

$1000 – Lifetime (Unlimited Open Range and 1 hour per week of video hunt)

Open Range: (Must sign In – Used targets are free – new are for sale for one $1)

$7.00 – 1 hour

$5.00 – 30 minutes

Video Hunt: Whitetail, Turkey, Elk, Antelope, Safari

$10 – 30 minutes

$15 – hour

Coaching & Bow Services:

Bow technician pricing available at counter.

Private Archery Lessons:

Youth $50 per hour

2 kids – $90 per hour

Adults – $60 per hour

Open Range hours: (No Coaching)

All Week

Birthday Rentals:

$10 per child (archery shooting lesson only – max 12 kids)

$5 per child per rental (max 12 kids)

$20 per child (group archery lesson and nerf tag – kids must provide their own nerf gun/bullets)

Sports Rentals:

$40 per hour (team practices, batting cage, softball, baseball, soccer, ect)

Fill out sub-lease HERE

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